Bosch SMI50D05AU Semi Intergrated

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$1,350.00 incl. GST

Make: Bosch
Model: Semi Integrated SMI50D05AU
Color: Stainless
Water Rating: 4
Energy Rating: 3.5
Wash Programs: 5
Noise Level (Db): 48dB
Wash Capacity: 14 Place Setting
Warranty: 2 Years
Dimensions: 815-875 mm x 598 mm x 573 mm
Special Features: ActiveWater™: Automatic load adjustment recognises the load condition in three steps and ensures that only the amount of electricity and water required for that load is used
DosageAssist™: Maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets. The tablet is dropped into a specially engineered tray and is completely dissolved. For superior cleaning performance and a quieter wash.
EcoSilence Drive® quiet and energy-efficient brushless motor (BLDC)
BLDC Main Pump: Variable water & spray pressure to achieve optimum cleaning results
BLDC Drain Pump: Fast and extra quiet draining of water, no gargling sounds
LoadSensor technology: Provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity
AutoBrilliance™: Automatic detergent and rinse aid sensor
3 stage self-cleaning filter system
Alternating spray-arm washing
5 Spray levels
Description: Bosch SMI50D05AU SEMI-INTERGRATED


  1. Bert

    Basic model at a good price. Does the job well and very please with the overall cost to have the unit installed.

  2. Adrian

    Great dishwasher – quiet, cleans but just missing a display screen for its price.

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